am I overreacting?

One of life’s complexities is knowing the appropriate level of reaction to any given event in my life. I find that I often overreact to events in my life. But I can also think of examples where my reaction is not sufficient enough to initiate change or remorse.

Few things are more frustrating than when someone calls you out on your reaction. When they accuse you of being too upset or not caring enough.

But how does one decide what is the proper response? We are told that we have control of our responses, but is that the same as having control of our feelings? Can we really stop sadness/frustration/guilt from coming? Do we want to?

There were three difficult events in my day today. All three were totally unrelated and probably did not justify the same reaction. Yet, after each I found myself equally upset. I said good-bye to a good friend. I flaked out and neglected to provide something important for someone I had stewardship over. I acted selfishly as a mother and in doing so unintentionally caused my baby daughter great discomfort.

By the end of the day I was emotionally spent, and sufficiently humbled. I found myself wondering if perhaps I was feeling a bit too sorry for myself.

But now, with some objectivity I can look back on all three events and I can clearly see the hand of the Lord in my life. I also see the tender mercies I am so undeserving of, but so appreciative of.

And how can I not smile when I look at a face such as this?

4 thoughts on “am I overreacting?

  1. I think you are alot like me. We love alot and we also feel frustration and anger so powerful we feel bad about it later and even during sometimes.I think that its great to have emotions. I hope today goes better for you. I think you are amazing and yes the pic melts the heart doesn't it!Sorry I am not insightful and I can be cheesy but I get sad when I see you feel bad and I think you seem to be a great mommy, wife,friend.


  2. I'm sorry Jo. I had a bit of an emotionally draining day as well (more so at night since I wasn't at work and could drain my emotions). Emotions are tricky. After such emotions last night, I now am figuring out how to compensate for them, how do I move on so that I don't dwell. Seeing tender mercies can certainly help to move you along. Love ya!


  3. Jo, some days are just liked that and it seems like it piles on. I have had a 3 month period like that. Am I waiting for the winds of change or myself? Just don't know. You accomplish so much each day with 3 small children. I am continually amazed! No doubt that Eli or Cam or Miriam's sweet faces can ease things. The picture of Eli is adorable!


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