Our Boys

I am ashamed to say that when I was pregnant with #2 I was hoping for a girl. I would have been thrilled with a girl, but I love my little boys.
Eli was a little bit grumpy the first few weeks of his life, but these past couple months he has really mellowed out. He still has a fiery temper, when he gets mad boy does he get mad. But most of the time he’s not mad and he is full of smiles and giggles.

Cameron just loves him. He has to be on his good side because it won’t be long before Eli is as big as he is. Cameron can make him smile as well as the rest of us.

3 thoughts on “Our Boys

  1. They are both so cute. I just love seeing their pictures. It makes me sad I havent seen cameron since he was little and have never seen Eli. We should have a little get together in Boise with Kari. Anyways I hope life is good. I too like you would be excited to have boys, but than I have been buying Josi new clothes and think, oh I could definetly use another girl, but if I have a boy I will be pumped. I will find out in less than a month so I will let you know. love yaJODI


  2. It’s so fun to come across your blog and see your cuties! Cameron looks so much like his daddy! I was good friends with Richard in High School- tell him Penelope says hello to Rub-a-Dub Richie!


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