Conference at the Cabin

Doesn’t the newly engaged couple just look so happy!? We were determined to go 4-wheeling despite lousy weather so we got creative with our gear. (Richard’s brother James and his fiance Suzanne Stott.)
Jess and I had a great time driving through mud and puddles and managed to stay mostly dry. (Richard’s sister Jessica & I.)
What a good lookin’ bunch of fellas. (Richard, his dad, his grandpa, and his two brothers Ben & James.)
So apparently “Pepsi & Peanuts” is a great treat. You put a few peanuts in a glass of Pepsi and it’s supposed to be delish’, but Laura and I weren’t that impressed. Yuck. (Suzanne, Ben’s wife Laura, Jess & I.)

6 thoughts on “Conference at the Cabin

  1. That is such a BIRD thing-the pepsi with peanuts. It sounds totally normal to me since I grew up with all my relatives on the Bird side drinking pepsi with peanuts, but I haven’t ever tried it. I think I will just trust you and Laura on this one and avoid it all together. Did you see Sara’s blog? She made it!


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