I don’t remember having days like this last year, but maybe I just didn’t take advantage of them. But it just seemed to snow all day today. While Eli was taking a nap Cameron and I ventured outside to build a snowman.
Cameron named this snowman “Vick” but he names everything “Vick”. (Don’t ask me where he got that one.) This was his first snowman. He has “wickerish” (licorice) for a mouth and it was really hard to keep Cameron from taking it off his face and eating it.
This is Cameron’s attempt at a snow angel. He had a hard time opening his eyes because snowflakes were falling in them. He’s got lots to learn about snow angels. Our neighbors gave us a hand-me-down snowsuit. He looks like a little marshmallow but it kept him warm and dry.
After we built the first snowman Cameron wanted to build another one. I wasn’t really up for it so I made up a lame excuse that we couldn’t build another snowman because we didn’t have another hat. Cameron said we could build a “snowman wif hair!” It amused me enough to put forth the effort to build another snowman. Nice hair huh?
Well he stayed warm except for his face I guess. He and I both had some rosy faces by the time we came inside. We had hot chocolate and my only regret about our afternoon was that I couldn’t have a picture of us together. Oh well, some other time!

7 thoughts on “Snow-mans

  1. It’s great that you take so many pictures of the boys on an everyday basis. I love to be able to follow along with what’s happening and in 10 or 15 years it will be so nice to have the pictures.


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