My projects

I painted this dresser a long time ago and it really needed something. My first attempt was some sticker paper letters that Cameron peeled off. So I tried these little birds, decoupage. I got the idea from Martha.
I hope they aren’t too girly. I guess maybe I should have done cars or elephants. Oh well.
These are just empty food storage cans that I spray painted. They make good storage for little things.
Not very fancy but very cheap!

8 thoughts on “My projects

  1. Richard and Joe! I’m so happy I found your blog. Little Cameron and Eli are so cute. I didn’t know you lived in Kuna. We’ll be in Boise this summer for an internship living at my parents house so hopefully we’ll get to see you! I love the Bird Nest!


  2. Very creative, I think it looks great, I love the tin can idea, I need to do something like that. Where did you get the cute lettering that goes on the cans, is it just scrapbooking stickers. Anyways very cute.


  3. For the letters I spray painted the bottom of the cans yellow, cut out letters I printed on sticker paper, put them on the cans, spray painted the cans blue and then peeled off the stickers. I’m sure there is an easier way…


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