This is the newest member of our family. I use that phrase loosely, she won’t be in any family photos or anything. Her name is Misha. (Pronounced Mee-sha). Here is the story: When Richard was interviewing for jobs he had two offers that we were considering. One was in Boise and the other in Las Vegas. I was looking for adventure and I wanted to go to Vegas. He felt better about the offer here and so he promised me a puppy as a consolation gift. He isn’t really a “dog person” so this was a big sacrifice. Well, conveniently for Richard we bought a house with no fence so I didn’t get a puppy. Fast forward 18 months and we are 3 weeks away from building our fence. A high school friend of Richard’s comes over for dinner and tells us that his parent’s dog Abby had a litter of puppies, looking for homes. The next day I went to meet the puppies and she stole my heart. Richard lived up to his end of the bargain and here she is.
We could not come up with a name and my dad who has a brilliant imagination was throwing things out there. I think he was only 10% serious when he said “Misha” but we liked it. She is a pure-bred Golden Retriever. I don’t really care about pedigree but it’s a nice bonus. Scott’s parent’s gave us a great deal.
Cameron loves this puppy. He asks about her first thing in the morning and first thing after his nap. She is currently residing in the garage (no fence) but he loves to take her in the backyard and “chase”.
I forgot how much I love puppies and dogs. They are so energizing. She loves to play and she is so trusting and affectionate. I love the way she looks at me expectingly and the way she cocks her head.
This is Eli looking on to the action. He loves her too. When we first brought her home he would just watch her and giggle. We are looking forward to warm weather again to spend more time outside with our new little buddy.

11 thoughts on “MISHA

  1. Yeah a new dog, I love having griffin for Josi she loves to play with him, allthough he chewed the seat belt in our van today, so he is outside grounded. Dang dog, but they really are fun


  2. My boys would love to have a puppy! Thankfully we can enjoy our next door neighbor’s dogs through the fence in our backyard. 🙂 Congrats on the new addition!


  3. Hey Jo,This doggie looks nothing like SABBY. But it was sure good to see you and your cute family. Here’s a link to our family blog.Mikey says “WOW, Jo has 2 kids?”Visit our’s ok? I am just getting started.georgejohnsonfam.blogspot.comWould love to know about Evan, Bryan, your folks and well, the whole Hall clan!


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