Oh that I were an… ambulance?

Today, and it’s only 2:45pm, has been one of those days. I just need to share. It started with a visit to Barnes & Noble, usually a favorite of mine. I had low expectations of this visit though because I had the boys with me, but it was far worse than I had anticipated. Cameron did everything a 3-year does to humiliate his mother. Maybe some of you have had a child like this. He runs away from me so I have to run up and down aisles of books to chase him. I have two choices, run while pushing the stroller with Eli (extremely embarrassing) or leave the stroller behind. So then once I have caught Cameron I have to pick him up and retrieve the stroller, all the while he is screaming and crying and everyone is looking at me. I know the things I thought about mothers like me back before I had kids and I could feel the words shooting out of the stares…”She needs to discipline her children better” … “What a naughty boy!” (Which was absolutely true. Very naughty.) “Take that child out of this store.” I know that is probably what I should have done, haul the tantrum-throwing child back out to the car. But I don’t live close to B&N and I really just wanted to get this shopping trip over with. The thought of coming back and trying again was a nightmare in and of itself. So I quickly found the books I wanted and left the store very very angry.

Well, don’t drive angry. There is an intersection in Boise that is infamous in my family for car accidents. Five Mile and Fairview. And today, being the day that it was looking to be, was ripe for another crash. I wasn’t paying attention, obviously, and I smashed into the van in front of me. I instantly burts into tears, of course. Who wouldn’t? We pulled into a parking lot and surveyed the damage which seemed to be non-existant. The two women in the van were very kind. It was an older vehicle with it’s own share of dings and dents and she was not concerned. I gave her my name and phone number for peace of mind and got back into my car.

At this point I just should have gone home. But I still had a couple places to go and I just wanted to get it over with. Cameron was a little better at the next two stops but only because I confined him to the cart. (No carts at B&N.) But on the way home from our last store Eli started screaming. He screamed the whole way home. This was where I wished I could be an ambulance. I wanted all the cars to get out of my way, (so I wouldn’t hit anymore). I wanted to completely ignore all traffic laws and stoplights. I imagined just driving as fast as I could to get to my house as soon as I could so I could lock my children in their bedroom and let them sleep. Well, I made it home while still yielding to other vehicles and obeying traffic laws. Except for speeding. I figured “Oh heck. Why not get a ticket to top it all of?” No ticket thank goodness.

So here I sit in my quiet house with my sleeping children, who of course look like angels now. Thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “Oh that I were an… ambulance?

  1. Jo Bird, I found your blog through Kristina Olsen’s and I’m so excited to see your cute boys! Cute but troublesome at the same time–I can totally relate! I was one of those awful mothers with screaming children in the store just yesterday. I just put my head down and kept walking, I didn’t want to see everyone staring! I’m so glad you didn’t do any damage and didn’t get hurt in your accident. The only time I have ever run a red light was when my baby was screaming in the car– I didn’t even realize it was red until I was halfway through the intersection I was so distracted. Forget banning cell phones, ban screaming children instead! I love naptime for the little bit of a break that it is! You can see our crazy little family one http://www.michaelangelarigby.blogspot.com🙂 Annie


  2. Man can I relate to that story! It made me smile…I’ve been there so many times before! Just know that you’re not the only one. I totally know what you mean about just wanting to get all the shopping done because being out in Kuna sure doesn’t make it convenient to start again tomorrow!


  3. I think it is safe to say you have had “one hell of a day!” you know me I would be cussing. I was so feeling it for you. I am so sorry. Anyways I just now rememebered when I read my blog that you called. I am so sorry. I did get your message, but I totally spaced it. i have mom-nesia so bad. I didnt go up to Boise until Wednesday and I was so busy with family birthday stuff, so i apologize, but I will come back soon and will call you and hopefully we could go see Kari. Anyways I hope you have a better day, week , year for that matter, 3 yr olds are much harder than I thought they would be, I love josi but she sure is sassy!


  4. I don’t have kids, but I’ve been there when the day doesn’t seem to get any worse. The great thing is that tomorrow will seem like the greatest day ever! I sure miss you Jo. Your stories are always so captivating. You have a way with words!


  5. So sorry to hear about your bad day! Glad to hear you survived to tell the tale and do it again! As my Great-Grandmother always said…”for this we have children” I tell myself that during the good times and try to remember them during the bad.


  6. Can I tell you that story warmed my cold bitter heart:) Other people’s children do that? Other people have breakdowns in their cars? Oh good to hear, great to hear… thank you. Oh, by the way, happy mothers day to you:)


  7. I find it so hard to believe that your sweet little Cameron acts like Oakley – I thought she was the only one pulling that kind of stuff in public places!? I am so glad to know that you deal with it too! I know how bad those days can be….and how wonderful nap time is!


  8. Jo, girl, I feel for ya! I know that there was a purpose in our lives being broken down into days! Even though sometimes just 24 hours seems hard to deal with, I don’t even want to think about what it would be like if there wasn’t a tomorrow to look forward to. Gotta love those sleeping angels!


  9. Jo, thanks for sharing. I know I’m guilty of only posting happy things on our blog, which sometimes make life seem a little too picturesque. Thanks for keeping it real. 🙂


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