Hull’s Gulch

On Memorial Day we went on a hike with my parents, my sister Adri and her husband Will and little guy Charlie. It was up in the Boise foothills on a trail called the Hull’s Gulch Interpretive Trail. (Emphasis added.) There was some discussion about why the word “interpretive” is added to names. But anyway…nice view.

Eli gearin’ up to go. Thanks Sean and Kim for lending us your kid-pack. (My invented name for this carrier that Eli rode in luxuriously through the gulch.) Richard said it was really great.

My Mom and Dad, such good sports, brought along their dog Maggie.
Cameron took quite a few spills. He was quite proud of his wounds. Cameron and Charlie. It appears that “Baca” did not want to be in the picture.

A very tired Misha. There is some discussion these days about dogs on leashes in the foothills. From what I understand the law currently states that they do not need to be on leashes. So we let Misha and Maggie run free for most of the hike. Towards the end there were more people around so we leashed the girls.
A very tired Maggie. She doesn’t look like she could run the whole way, but she was always leading the pack.

I didn’t get a picture of the Daines family. My only regret. Thanks everyone for indulging me. What was supposed to be 3 miles turned into almost 5 miles due to poor map reading on my part. Sorry about that. It was fun to have your company.

5 thoughts on “Hull’s Gulch

  1. I was so sorry I couldn’t be there. I just got a new calling and didn’t think I should miss after 1 week. Mikey and Kevin said Evan’s talk was amazing and that it was great to see everyone. Hope all goes well for the MTC!


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