Road Trip! (No-Boys-Allowed Style)

My Mom and sisters (Lori & Adri) took a road trip up to Seatlle/Kent to visit Brittany. (My brother Bryan’s wife.) We left husbands and children behind and probably gained 10 pounds in one weekend. But maybe I should just speak for myself.

This picture definitely requires further discussion. What you are looking at is toast. Yes, real toast. The dark pieces are burnt slices of toast that spell out the brand name “Pucci”. The manequin is holding a very tall stack of toast. It was the most unique window display I have ever seen.
The weather wasn’t that great, but Seattle made up for with it with great food and shopping. This was a crepes restaurant at Pike Place Market. We also had crumpets, mini doughnuts, fresh fruit, and great seafood on the pier. I never thought I would be the kind of person to go to an antique store on vacation but we found a really neat one. I bought a really old camera but more on that later… Great trip- thanks Brit for hosting!

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