How about them doughnuts?

When Daddy’s away… Mommy will play. Or, by play I mean make unhealthy meal choices.

Krista and I decided doughnuts for dinner was perfectly legitimate. And if you get to Krispy Kreme at just the right time you can each get a free doughnut, making this meal easy, delicious and inexpensive.

10 thoughts on “How about them doughnuts?

  1. Yeah that is my kind of dinner!! I was catching up on your blog and yeah this enconomy is nuts to say the least. Crazy times come our way! As bishop said yesterday be prepared and you need not fear. Hope you had fun in Vegas.


  2. are you kidding me. when brent is out of town…which right now is ALL the TIME…I feel like that is all I ever feed Reagan. Not doghnuts but food like that. My child is going to have the worst habits ever when it comes to eating.


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