Google Reader Killed the Comment Star

This has been on my mind of late, but I had to make sure I had the right intentions before I put it out there. The wrong intentions were my own selfishness and insecurity and need for verbal reassurance. That is if commenting on a blog counts as “verbal”.

I argued to my family that blogging created some kind of, well, social network. Albeit superficial at times, nonetheless it brought people together. We were communicating.

We were communicating.

I don’t mind sending my thoughts to the cosmic void. That sort of goes back to my original “to blog or not to blog” self struggle. I write my thoughts sometimes for my own pleasure and this is the most enjoyable forum.

But it would be self-deceit if I claimed I wrote them only for myself. I like to know that they are contributing in some way to someone else. Or contributing in some way to the relationships I share with my fellow bloggers. For example, through blogging I have better maintained relationships with people I otherwise might have lost contact with. I have also “met” new individuals and developed new relationships. I like to think that our relationships outside of blogging are strengthened by blogging.

But all this is based on a two-way street. Takes two to tango, and I am feeling a little like I have been deserted. We all have the counters, we all keep a watchful eye on how many visitors we receive. Our hearts all sink when no one responds to our carefully constructed posting.

Here is my rally cry! Don’t let blogging be mindless entertainment. I will gladly step out and say that I am guilty of scrolling down through the google reader, scanning the blogs of my friends and the blogs of strangers, letting them all blur together. But this isn’t the kind of blog world I ardently defended to the critics.

You don’t have to patronize me with obligatory praise. Just let me know how you relate. Let me know you stopped by. Let the post evoke some kind of thought, take time to notice it, and then share it.

This is very corny. But it is sincere. I made sure of that before I let myself say it.

Don’t make me do a give away to pull all the commenters out of the woodwork…

(Yes, the music is my attempt at comic relief.)

19 thoughts on “Google Reader Killed the Comment Star

  1. I agree blogging helps me keep up with some of my relationships. Obviously, these relationships should not take precedence over human interaction- real relationships! It is a relationship, just shouldn’t be our primary form. I understand about getting your thoughts out to others. It isn’t always easy to strike up a conversation about a random thought you had and blogging does give us a forum to convey these random and quirky thoughts. I also love it when people comment on my blog, but I never know how to reply back…


  2. I hated blogs for a while but then Brent wanted it when we had Reagan so I gave in. Obviously it is private and my entire intent of the blog was to take pictures of Reagan for when Brent was gone. It has evolved from there and if it be my way of journaling so be it.


  3. I love google reader, but you’re right. Don’t worry, Jo, even if everyone else deserts you, I’ll still read your blog (thanks to the reader) I do like to keep up…you have so many interesting points and things to say. Keep it up….


  4. You express yourself so well! I might not comment here as often as I should b/c I sound like a ninny compared to you. JK!Very well put, however. I think I’m pretty pathetic, really, when I feel all sorry for myself. I cry myself to sleep singing, “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me…” when I post things on my blog and hardly ever get comments. There is, wrapped up in all that pathetic-ness, a deep-seeded desire for people to comment so one knows your thoughts aren’t just for you or your husband that checks your blog every once in a while. I have the traffic feed, so at least that can help me rest easy b/c I can see that people do stop by…occasionally. I will do better at posting on all my friends blogs! Thanks for the reminder.(BTW – I promise I won’t ever be this wordy again!)


  5. Now I feel super guilty. I was going to comment on your last post and didn’t. (baby crying/natured called!) I agree whole heartedly. My bro-in-law once said, “Alexander Bell invented this wonderful device called the telephone. Why have we gone back to the telegraph?” But if we were to comment and communicate then same thing right?!


  6. I totally agree. I try to post a comment but sometimes feel they aren’t very intersting to post. But i will post my thoughts from now on, boring or not. It is sad when you spend time posting and no one comments but you know they read it…


  7. I’m here Jo…I’m here! I read and enjoy your thoughts. In fact, I find myself telling all of my friends about your cute crafts from your other blog. I apologize I have not been as diligent at leaving comments, but I am here!


  8. I agree with the fact it does keep relationships going. It offers me some sort of “grown up” talk since I surrounded by baby talk. I really enjoy reading your blogs and no this post isn’t corny. I wish I could put things into words like you do.


  9. I have said it before, but girl you were born to write! You should be a writer for a hygiene magazine, than I might actually enjoy reading it. I am with you, I love blogging to build relationships that might not otherwise be there, I know that is part of the reason you and I have stayed in touch, I love seeing your kids and knowing that you and Richard are doing good. Hey I sent you an invite to your email to mine, I hope I had the right email, accept it if you got it, if not email me at and I will send you an invite.


  10. I read you, faithfully, every blissful post! I’m sorry I never comment! Google Reader did kill the commenter! Slightly un-related side note – I love the new picture at the top, of your boys, it’s so cute! Dang google reader, I haven’t actually “been” to your blog in a while. Happy blogging, don’t stop!!!


  11. JO, I must admit, I LOVE your blogs, and almost never comment, cause I think that you might think something like: “who is this girl, I hardly even talked to her 10 years ago, and here she is acting like she knows me and commenting on my blog” I worry WAY to much about what other people think. the truth is, I think you are one heck of a gal, always have, and I only wish now, after reading your blogs, that we were neighbors. I still journal in the ol’ fashion journal, so our blog is not that interesting, mostly just pictures. I do intend to start writing more like I did last year. are you related to Sean? I haven’t seen him in years!


  12. so jo.. i have to admit… this isn’t the first time i have looked at your blog.. i know i’m a blog stocker and i’ll admit it openly! but i thought i would say hi and tell you have got yourself some pretty dang cute boys and such a cute blog!! … this is katie call by the way.. lacie’s sister.i’m going to start leaving comments instead of just thinking all these things when i look at your blog.. you down with that?!!


  13. I feel much better now that I know what Google Reader is. Thanks Jo!I love having a blog and reading other blogs. Sometimes I am a bit too consumed with it (ask my kids), but it has been a great way for me to reaquaint myself with old friends and develop new relationships. It is a way for me to relate to others, see if they relate to me, and quite frankly, this is my weak attempt to journal. For me, it is more interesting to write when there are responses. And, when there aren’t, I wonder if no one feels like I do or sees what I see. It is much like writing a paper and the professor not giving any kind or grade or feedback. You know he has read it but what did he think? Does he really have nothing to say? So all hail to responses and I’ll keep mine up hopefully without sounding like a dork!


  14. You are a terrific blogger and I wish I could do as great as you on not only blogging but the many other things you are capable of doing! Sorry about not posting more! I blame it on the whole kiddo and being a mommy thing!


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