A Change of Pace

Whew! I am ready for this election season to be past.
But first, two last things about Obama. Politics aside, it is pretty thrilling that America has elected her first black president.
I had goosebumps last night listening to his speech.
(And I thought McCain was very gracious.) I’m prepared to support the new president and I’m anxious to allow him to prove himself to the nation.
The other thing, on a funny note.
This morning when Richard turned on the t.v. it was Obama of course and Cameron said
“Who is that?”
Richard: “He is the next president of the United States.”
Cam: “Oh. Is he a brother?”
Oh man. What a laugh. In Cameron’s mind anyone wearing a suit is “Brother”.
(The title given to all the men at church.) But yes Cameron, he is a “brotha”.
Here are some random pictures of the boys from recent days. Speaking of brothers…

Yes, this is Cameron feeding cheerios to Eli with his toes. I know I should have intervened before retrieving the camera, but I couldn’t resist documenting it.

This was the first time one of my little guys fell asleep in a high chair. I remember my sister Lori falling asleep in her highchair but it hadn’t happened to one of my kids until now.

Eli loves stuffed animals. Cameron was never interested but Eli loves a snuggle buddy.

6 thoughts on “A Change of Pace

  1. I have to agree with you being glad the election is over. Time to move on! McCain was gracious and I liked that he told his followers to give our new president a chance. I agree.Something about toes and mouths just do not settle well with me. However, Cameron is a cute little kid and cute little kids have cute little toes. Cute little toes are kissable and therefore, cute little toes are probably not so gross in one’s mouth!


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