Come What May and LOVE IT

At our wedding reception Richard and I danced to the song “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge. With all the the enthusiasm of a bride-to-be in the days before her wedding, I had Richard’s ring engraved, on the inside, with those words. At that time, and of course still today, I have no doubts about our marriage surviving, come what may. But in our last conference Elder Wirthlin issued a higher law. It is no longer come what may, and survive it. It is

Come what may, and love it.

While listening to his talk the first time and then reading it again just a few days ago, I was so inspired I was sure I could heed that counsel.

Well today my good intentions have been put to the test. While the restoration man was thinking with all he had about a way to dry out our crawlspace, and the preschool kids were knocking on the door, Eli vomited all over me and the living room floor.

I sent the disappointed 3 year olds back home, the restoration man left for awhile and I cleaned up the vomit. But for some reason what really put me over the edge was that the apples I had been drying in the oven over night had crystalized to the cookie sheets and were ruined.

Love it?

Are you kidding me?

I pictured him saying “There is an antidote for times such as these: learn to laugh…The next time you’re tempted to groan, you might try to laugh instead.” There really wasn’t anything funny about throwing away the apple-mess. Or at least I couldn’t see it at the time. But I forced a laugh just to break down the anger that was rapidly welling up inside. That helped.

Love it.

I went and picked up my pale toddler who was being very snuggly and decided maybe I could love it after all.

I do not mean to minimalize the difficulty of the trials I know people are experiencing that make my little struggles truly laughable. But the beauty of the gospel is that we can apply its principles to the minor aspects of our lives and the major. To those who are experiencing real difficulty, Elder Wirthlin has much to say with regard to coping and loving it.

11 thoughts on “Come What May and LOVE IT

  1. Would you mind passing along some insight filled tidbit regarding my life and allow me to put it on my blog 🙂 You write it, I’ll claim it…I saw your brother on Tuesday, it’s so good to have him home!!! (My friend and I saw him running on the trail – first thing in the morning the day after he gets home from a country with an 11 hour time difference – what kind of nut is he???) 🙂


  2. I thought Eli was more snuggly even than usual yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well last night too. There must be something going around. I got a kick out of you forcing a little laugh because I can picture it and I can see how it would turn the tide.Thanks for sharing.


  3. Elder Wirthlin really has a great way of putting things, doesn’t he? His sweet wife passed away and his own health is struggling, yet he speaks on loving life. What an amazing man.


  4. Jo you freakin amaze me. I love how you put things. I am going to have to read that talk. I wasn’t able to watch all of conference so I am glad someone recommended a talk. I have been trying to love every part of my life good or bad for over a year now and what a difference that makes. Though at times, usually when Brent is gone I forget about loving life and go into survive life mode. This is a great reminder. Thanks


  5. Jo– I really enjoy your blog posts like these. You help me to feel even more gratitude that I get to have things come so that I can find ways to laugh at them. But o what a day for you.


  6. Is that where the saying “Live, Laugh,Love” started. That is so true. Laughing has such a healing power. I remember just giggling and laughing way too much as a kid, but as I get older I find myself doing it less and less. Definitely something I need to work on.


  7. Hey JoI really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all your great insight. Richard is one lucky guy. Hey, our blog is going private and I would love to send you an invite if I had your email address. So send it my way!


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