We Did It!

Misha and I ran our first 10k.
(Boise YMCA Christmas Run. Very festive!)

I have jumped on the jogging bandwagon. I read on blogs all the time about training for marathons, half marathons, 10k ad 5k runs. It’s practically trendy.

But now I can see why.

Setting a specific goal and accomplishing it brings so much satisfaction. It’s good for the soul. (Not to mention the added benefits of decreasing my risk for heart disease and diabetes.)

I recommend it. And as a side note- I was more nervous than I needed to be. I did reasonably well.

11 thoughts on “We Did It!

  1. wow I am impressed. I had hopes of being a runner myself but alas I have not gotten there. So I have great esteem for those who can and especially for you and your 10K. Congrats (expect an email with the “story”)


  2. How come I didn’t know about this 10K run you did? You are always surprising me with the many capabilities you have! Way to go on the 10k. I’d love to try and start jogging some day!


  3. Way to go!! Bryan and I ran a Christmas run… I about died on my 5k, mainly because I was super sick and just because I don’t really run much! Bryan did awesome… but what else would you expect!


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