Oh, Richard had a Birthday

Richard turned 28 on 1.8.09. I don’t think we are to that stage yet where we need to be secretive about our ages. Maybe that is just my way of convincing myself that we are still young. To not admit our ages to would be a sure indication that we are old.
Anyway- birthday photos:
How many years until we are allowed to open our own gifts again?

Richard wanted key lime pie for his birthday. Hmm. Six years and I didn’t even know he liked key lime pie. The boys loved it too.

7 thoughts on “Oh, Richard had a Birthday

  1. I seriously would answer without thinking that I am 22. That is far from the truth. Age is how you preceive yourself sometimes and I certainly don’t feel my age a lot of the time. O and I find out new things all the time… like today my enchiladas got called barfciladas today. What? I seriously thought they were one of his most approved of!


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