Ray of sunshine

So the real sun hasn’t shown its glorious face for days around these parts. But the good news train has entered the station bringing a different sort of radiant joy.

A “Briefing Manual” for my expedition to Peru arrived in the mail this week. Have I mentioned that I am going to Peru in two months? More details later, or look here.
Three years ago I attended a continuing education course about volunteer opportunities for dental hygienists.
I came home inspired and motivated and told Richard I was going to go. We picked a year -2009- and now let the countdown begin to March 23rd.

6 thoughts on “Ray of sunshine

  1. Commenting on the poll…..I am the party pooper that said I disliked the music. It’s not specifically the music you picked for your blog, it’s the music on all blogs. I just find it hard to read while there is music playing. My mind wanders too much, I guess. Just felt the need to come clean.


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