photo op: ordinary

More often than not we take pictures of the rare or unusual events of our lives. And rightly so. It is best to catch them on camera so we can later recall them with laughter, tears or what have you.

Our more menial daily events are typically ignored by the camera. I guess because they are so ordinary we see no reason to document them or draw special attention to them.

Sadly, Richard’s returns from Spokane and elsewhere have become ordinary. We wish it weren’t so, but, well, the money is good.

Or crucial, the money is crucial.

Anyway, I digress.
This picture is of something ordinary. Typical. Happens all the time. But no matter how often he leaves, his returns are always wonderful.

Having a non-functioning dvd player left us wondering how to spend our Friday night. Typically we relax and let Richard unwind and enjoy the comforts of home in front of the boob-tube. A good movie and a bowl of popcorn.

Any spouse of a traveler knows this worn out argument. Richard wants to eat at home, he’s tired of eating out. Jo wants to eat out, she’s tired of eating at home. With the promise of a homecooked meal on Saturday Richard took us all to Red Robin. (Not Five Star, but very family friendly.)

We then headed to my favorite, but not oft enough visited, place in Boise. Powell’s Sweet Shoppe. We all picked a treat, I enjoyed some peanut butter gelato and then we headed home. That is what I should have photographed. Gelato. NOT ordinary.

4 thoughts on “photo op: ordinary

  1. It’s true we usually only remember to photograph those fun or different activities. I have been trying to be better at the everyday photos. Like everyone making dinner, playing a game, you know. It helps me alot though to keep that camera out and ready!


  2. When Gordon travelled when the boys were little, we had the same issues with eating at home vs. eating out. You are so awesome at handling everything with Rich gone. He is lucky to have you. And it doesn’t hurt that the money is good either.


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