the 5 year appliance breakdown

It seems that we are reaching a milestone in our marriage. It isn’t the “Seven-Year Itch” (not quite there yet) or a major anniversary (not there yet either). It is what I have creatively named “THE 5 YEAR APPLIANCE BREAKDOWN”.

When we got married we outfitted our house through one of two sources. The first was the generosity of our friends (and mostly our parents’ friends) who bought us the obligatory appliance. (Some were good quality, some were not.)

The second source was hand-me downs. It seems that we have reached a milestone where our poor quality gifted blender and especially our garage sale vacuum are going the way of the … landfill?

I’m not sure where we got this iron, I think it was Richard’s from his bachelor days. But you can see the brown spots? That is from when he (somewhat recently but too long ago for me to admit we haven’t been ironing) dropped it on the floor and the carpet fibers melted to it. I made the mistake of trying to use this and stained Cameron’s white church shirt with brown spots. Dang it.
In addition to the smoking blender, the vacuum that doesn’t suck, and the melted-carpet iron our dvd player recently died forcing us to READ for entertainment. And while we can continue to have poorly vacuumed floors and wrinkly clothing, we can not survive without a dvd player.

Yes, I am shamelessy admitting that the dvd player was the last of our electronics to sub-perform and the first to be replaced.

6 thoughts on “the 5 year appliance breakdown

  1. Hi Jo,I love reading your blog because you are so candid about the little things that happen in your life. We miss you guys. Tell Rich hi for me.


  2. I don’t even know where my iron is. A few months back, when my sister inlaw was visiting, she asked to use it and I was so embarrassed because I didn’t even know where to start looking!


  3. When it rains it pours. They don’t seem to make things now a days to last longer than a few years. I think it is a scam so that we have to buy it more often, which means they will make more money.


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