the time has come

When I first started blogging there were two blog-isms that I vowed I would never use. They were blog ads and blog giveaways. And while I will always be ad-free, I am selling out to the give-away frenzy.

Richard will tell you that once I get an idea I am most disappointed if it is not executed. This idea was just too fun to resist.

The day I decided I was going on a humanitarian trip to Peru was nearly four years ago. After telling Richard about my intentions I went to the kitchen and cleaned out a giant pickle jar that I had bought when I was pregnant with Cameron. (Sure loved pickles!)

This jar has served as a constant reminder and motivator to me and although Richard insisted we save up the money in other ways (good idea Richard) I have put all my change in it ever since.

So here is the giveaway part.

It’s a guessing game.

How much money is in the jar? (Note: I have no idea, the jar has not been opened or counted since it’s original taping.)

First prize: (Is not the money in the jar, sorry.) An authentic Peruvian handbag. Men- do not be deterred, it would make a great gift.

Second prize: A dozen homemade cards, a potpourri of birthday, thank you, wedding and baby.

Okay folks- hit me with your best shot. I’ll be taking the coinage to the credit union on Saturday. (Prizes will be delivered or mailed, all participants are welcome. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.)

18 thoughts on “the time has come

  1. Hmmm…I didn’t want to be the first to take a guess for fear that I will be way off track. Not knowing the dimensions of the pickle jar, I am just going to say……$359.87Loved the disclaimer, by the way.


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