a temporary absence

Although my departure isn’t for another five days I can already feel the stress of the coming week setting in. It is knocking at the door the same way a sore throat indicates a cold is coming on. So although I might rather blog than tackle some of the tasks that await me; it is best that I focus my energies on making sure my home and children will survive 10 days without me. (Of course they will, but if I admit that what will happen to my self-worth?)

Thank you everyone for your contributions. I am excited but also a little anxious about my upcoming adventure. I can only imagine the blog posts that will be born of this experience and I am determined NOT to come home and post a thousand pictures that will not do justice to my thoughts. But post I will, because I have been advised that sharing my ponderings is an important part of this expedition.


9 thoughts on “a temporary absence

  1. Have so much fun! I can’t wait to hear all about it! I’m going to Boise next week and was going to see if you wanted to do lunch, looks like I’ll have to give you a call on my next trip in the summer. Have fun!


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