there was a birthday, and another

The day after I got home from Peru was Eli’s birthday. Cameron’s birthday is two days later so we sandwiched a party in between. It was a “Curious George” birthday party and I went all out on the cake. And by that I mean I bought it at Pastry Perfection which not only gauranteed it would look good but that it would taste good too. Neither of those were a given if I had tried to make it myself.

I had no candles. I think next time I will ask P.P. to provide them. That is what I am paying for afterall, for them to do all the work. Leaving the country for 10 days had me a little scattered at birthday time. You can see from the mayhem though, that the boys had nothing to complain about.

My sister Adri drove up from Las Vegas and both Cameron and Eli were thrilled to have their cousin Charlie there. A birthday party with only adults is okay but really great with another kid.

My mom made these capes, and they were a big hit with the little guys.

Here is birthday boy Cameron, 4 years ago.

Here is Eli, 2 years ago.

You know what I am going to say… it goes by so fast.

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