long overdue

On the Saturday night before Easter as I put together the baskets I realized I had the makings of the lamest Easter ever. No fake grass. No toys or even books. Just candy. And to top it all off I had bought the dark chocolate version of my favorite Easter treat; the Mini-Eggs.

I know dark chocolate is supposed to be better for you. But when it comes to chocolate I am not interested in anti-oxidants. I am interested in creamy milk-chocolate goodness.

So I was pretty disappointed with the way things were looking for Easter morning. But then a thought occurred to me that caused me to breath a colossal sigh of relief.

Easter isn’t even about candy or toys!

Our Easter turned out to be great. Cameron learned about the resurrection of Jesus Christ at church and told us all about it at home. The boys are typically easy to please and were content with their candy. Although it took some serious persuasion to convince Cameron to take some of his candy to our neighbor across the street. And the fact that it was so difficult for him made me all the more glad we did it. I had no idea he was so greedy. Maybe it’s just the egocentric nature of the four year old.

Forget the dark chocolate, I wanted to eat up my adorable little boys.

6 thoughts on “long overdue

  1. They are pretty cute. We taught the kids about the resurrection in primary and I never think they retain it, but it turns out they do! Thanks for the pick me up:)


  2. very cute.. I couldn’t even find the cadbury mini eggs not even in dark. which me and my husband love.You are so cute. I enjoyed this post again!


  3. I am with you 100% on that milk chocolate….. hate the dark chocolate, I dont even like it when I am desperate unless it has mint in it. Good for you on Easter, I tried to tell Josi that Jesus died and was risen and she freaked out…”Jesus is DEAD???” And she sat there and thought about it for a minute and than said “what weapons were used to kill him????” WHAT? yeah so my easter lesson did not go over well. Anyways thank you for your kind words on my blog. You have always been a strength to me… always so strong! I learned more than just hygiene in school, I really did learn the Lord heard my prayers and priesthood blessing do miracles.


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