my children’s best friends

After many personal experiences I have learned that friendship can be found in many places. But I recently realized that I could have easily learned this lesson from my children.

Cameron is constantly making reference to his best friend Deedee. This friend is of the imaginary sort. The first experience I can recall with Deedee was months ago. I found Cameron hiding under the bedside table in our room. I asked him who he was hiding from and he said “Deedee”. Hmmm.

On our recent trip to Spokane we were driving on an overpass over the freeway and Cameron shouted out to me. “Mom! That was Deedee’s dad driving that truck!” Hmmm?

Racing is what Cameron and Deedee do most together. Or I should say, plan on doing. The big race with Deedee is always “ta-mah-wer”. And any mysterious bruise, scratch or scrape is always a casuality of “baseballing” with Deedee. As with most imaginary friends Deedee’s age and circumstances are constantly changing. He is sick, he is at school, he is 4 (the “same big” as Cameron) or he is 10.

I love it. I don’t discourage it. I’m not worried. Yet.

Eli’s dearest companion is Monkey. Those who know really young children know their imagination, when it comes to naming stuffed animals, is quite limited. Monkey arrived at Christmas as a last minute stocking stuffer from my mother when I told her I had far more things for Cameron’s stocking than Eli’s. She really saved the day, more than she or I even anticipated.
The original Monkey was mauled by our dog. Eli was devastated. (Although I’m quite sure it was Eli who slipped Monkey into Misha’s kennel when I wasn’t looking.) Thankfully Monkies were still in stock at Fred Meyer and the delight on Eli’s face upon receiving his new Monkey is a moment never to be forgotton.

“Monkey boken” Eli says every once in awhile. Poor Monkey.

7 thoughts on “my children’s best friends

  1. O that is so sweet. My boy never did have an imaginary friend. I almost wanted him to though just so he would have a friend in all the moving. O well. I guess his sister was friend enough.


  2. That is a really funny/cute story! Those kind of memories are the best to remember! I wa going to comment on this a while back, but never got a chance to, but I am with ya on the milk chocolate eggs, they are the best! But it was a great conclusion, what a way to make a dissapointing mess up with your eggs into a happy ending becuase I am telling you, those babies only come once a year and I would be pretty disappointed as well! =)


  3. Dillon has a ‘friend’ too, his name is Sting, every now and then he’ll get bored, kill off his old friend and move to the next one. Sting’s been around for awhile but before that we had Mawiki – where’d that come from??? I love the stories they come up with đŸ™‚


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