how about some good news?

It’s that time again. The fertile month of March has blessed us with a bun in the oven. That is to say, I am pregnant. 12 Weeks to be exact, due date December 10th. For the first time I am going to plan on being two weeks early so as not to be caught off guard yet again. But of course that means I won’t be early.

To my good friends who are finding out this news on my blog, please don’t be offended. I get sweaty and anxious when I tell people face to face that I am pregnant. Richard was opposed to sending a mass text to our family members, which was my first choice.

One more thing-
Because there are people dear to me who are facing obstacles in this regard it is my sincere desire to be sensitive to your struggle. While I am excited about this blessing I am also somber and grateful. I hope that as I blog about pregnancy I will not act in any way that might contribute at all to your pain and suffering. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

27 thoughts on “how about some good news?

  1. Yeah Yeah Yeah! I am so freaking excited for you! I can’t wait to read all the updates! Congrats you guys and I totally understand…it is weird just bringing up the fact that you are having a baby to people’s faces! Sending lots of love!!!


  2. Congrats! I just had to laugh because we sent out a mass text to everyone announcing this pregnancy because there are just way to many people in our family! It probably was tacky, but that’s alright! I hope you’re feeling great!


  3. Congrats…that is so exciting…everyone is due either in Nov or Dec. And you should never apologize to anyone about being excited about being pregnant. I do understand what you mean but those who are friends with you should never feel like you are hurting the. Does that make sense at all? I’ve had very little sleep in the past week.


  4. That is very exciting news! I am curious what you will be having. I will have to get the story from Laura about you being “caught off guard” with the boys. Congratulations again!!


  5. You are an amazing mother and this third little spirit is so lucky to have a mother like you! Thanks for having another one. Maybe it will keep me from craving anymore! HA!!!!


  6. Congratulations Jo & Richard (& the boys!) That is so exciting!! Hope you're feeling well! Take it easy– it's easy with #3 to try to do too much during pregnancy, so listen to your body and when it says “rest” DO IT! Congrat's! I'm so happy for you!


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