recession hits home

They cut my hours at work. Since I only work one day a week any cut is significant. They actually cut everyone’s hours. 20% across the board.

The other day we received our county assesors estimation of the value of our home. It was worse than we thought. But we had seen it coming and worked through the appropriate stages of grief. Denial, Pain, Anger, Depression, “the upward turn” and Reconstruction.

We are now in the Acceptance & HOPE stage. Richard assures me that this experience will make us better people, and our posterity will be more frugal and financially wise. I think he’s right. I appreciate his optimism.

For awhile I didn’t directly feel the effects of this recession. Even though I watched people around me struggle it didn’t hit home. But now we are starting to make our own sacrifices and I hope that we DO learn from this.

I read an article the other day that talked about how self-reliance isn’t just self-serving. I have been able to personally witness examples of families who practice financial wisdom being able to assist families in need.

So even though it isn’t death we are dealing with here, it is nice to feel HOPE.

2 thoughts on “recession hits home

  1. I feel your pain. They cut our pay 20% across the board back in March. It hurts! It is amazing however, to see the blessings of the Lord pile up. Somehow we make it when we don’t think there’s any possible way. Thanks for the reflection Jo! You have great wisdom.


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