summer’s first SNOW CONES

In desperation last night I pulled out Cameron’s piggy bank and asked him if he wanted [to treat the whole family to] a snow cone. He answered in the affirmative, of course, with contagious squeals of delight that sent Eli into fits of excitement.

“Nose cones!”

Toddlers are famous for the way they mix up the consonants in the words they try to pronounce. Or maybe just my toddlers, who knows? Some of our favorites with Cameron were/are “Heh-coppert” and “Ta-mah-wer”. But it is part of what makes any attempt at language adorable. That and Eli’s high pitched nasally tone. In any case, for some reason he has a hard time with the word “snow” and it comes out “nose”.

Richard and I love to tease him. Richard will say

“You want a nose cone?”
“No. A NOSE cone.”
“Oh, a nose cone?”
“No! A NOSE cone!”
“Right, a nose cone.”
“NO Daddy, a NOSE cone!”
“Oh…. a SNOW cone?”

Poor kid, he knows the way it should be, but just can’t make the word come out right. We play this mean trick with all kinds of words like “Lawn Moy” for lawn mower and “Nules” for noodles. It never gets old for us. We are terrible.
But with snowcone in hand, you can’t bring these guys down.

6 thoughts on “summer’s first SNOW CONES

  1. That's how it was for our neighbor that used to call me Lura. Her Mom would say Lura and the little girl would correct her that it was “Lura.” What cute kids. I can't wait until we're closer again!


  2. Cute! I love toddler talk šŸ™‚ We always laughed at Cadence, now 4, who said “Kia” for please, and a bunch of other messed up words. We called his language Cadish. I'm glad you're writing it down cuz it's a lot of fun to look back and remember!And yes, I did get the Peruvian handbag & I really am making you a great thank you card… BUT, my basement flooded so all of my card-making supplies are now lost in the garage. So, until I get back to that, THANK YOU! What a neat gift! I really appreciate it šŸ™‚


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