my first official local meal

I’ve read a couple books and a few blogs about eating locally. I’ve even blogged about it myself. Sunday I finally cooked a “locally grown meal”. Nothing fancy, a pasture raised chicken with carrots and onions, and corn on the cob, all from the CSA I’m a member of. It was all very tasty.

I’ve come to believe, or at least be more aware, that knowing where the food on my plate comes from contributes a great deal to the extent to which I can enjoy a meal. It is especially satisfying that when I pick up the produce from the farm the leaves haven’t even wilted yet because it was plucked from the Earth only minutes before.

If you haven’t read In Defense of Food, I hereby recommend it. If you can’t make it through the first two “sections”, as they are a bit tedious, AT LEAST read the last 60 pages. I know that people in this camp have a reputation for being a bit nutty, but don’t let that keep you away.

If you are like me, you are worried that reading the book will motivate you to change, but not enough to ACTUALLY initiate change, thereby just making you feel guilty because you haven’t changed.

Try it anyway.

3 thoughts on “my first official local meal

  1. Looks absolutely wonderful! Do you just get local corn from Pauls or Winco or do you go somewhere? I love corn on the cob but like young ears and think I need to go somewhere besides a grocery store to get it. I used to see farm trucks on the side of roads selling their corn and they were not only a great price but delicious. I don't see that much anymore.


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