oh be nice!

Every once in awhile someone guilts me with that saying:
“For every unkind thing you say about someone, you must say to nice things.”

What I said about Eli’s nasty habit wasn’t exactly unkind but for the sake of a healthy mother-son relationship I thought I’d follow up with two nice things about Eli. And what are blogs, if not for bragging about our children? Heaven help me I hate bragging.

Anecdote #1: Yesterday the boys were quietly dozing during naptime and I settled on the couch to read. I found my own eyelids feeling heavy so I relocated to my bed. The very moment I relaxed and shut my weary eyes I heard Eli’s cries. Not wanting him to wake Cameron I went and retrieved him from his bed. Now the NICE part of the story. I rocked him in the rocking chair until he fell back to sleep and then sat back down on my bed and let him sleep on my chest and bulging belly. He is such a cuddle-bug, which I consider a great blessing. He smelled of sunscreen and sand from our day at the “beach” and they were precious moments. Pardon the cliche.

Anecdote #2: The other day while doing dishes Cameron and Eli were playing cars on the kitchen floor. Cameron kiped one of the cars Eli was playing with which resulted in screams of fury. Discipline followed and Cameron returned the toy. But Cameron wasn’t done. He pestered Eli relentlessly with the hope of bullying him into returning the car. (Cameron clearly underestimates Eli’s stubborness.) This pestering led to more screams of fury and Cameron was banished to his bedroom. Upon his release and without any prompting from me, Eli approached him directly and with a pleasant smile handed over the matchbox car of dispute. At first I was frustrated that after all his naughty behavior Cameron ended up getting exactly what he wanted. But I didn’t want to discourage Eli’s act of generosity so I let it be.

2 thoughts on “oh be nice!

  1. Jo, I know exactly how you feel about #2. My kids are suckers for “cryers.” One of which is my niece that is Calin's age who is ridiculously undisciplined by her mother and believes she can get whatever she wants by throwing a fit. Well, my kids feel sorry for her I guess and just give her what she wants when she throws this fit of crying and pouting. It bothers me that she would still get what she wants. However, I have the same feelings as you. I don't want to discourage my kids into being selfish, so I continue to let them “share” and she continues to throw fits. It's great!!! Don't get me wrong she can be a cute kid, but….


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