summer lovin’… or lovin’ summer?

The area where we live is surrounded by corn fields. Cameron has been commenting on the growth of the corn for the last few weeks.
“It’s as tall as Eli!”
“It’s as tall as Daddy!”
I can tell as I watch the gorgeous green stalks grow that summer is passing. Last year after Labor Day came and went I was haunted with pangs of regret for not getting out of the house and enjoying the opportunities provided by the hot sun. So this year I’m trying to take full advantage of all things water & swimming. The boys are completely on board.

Our sand-castle building equipment was high-tech.

2 thoughts on “summer lovin’… or lovin’ summer?

  1. Taylee has been taking swimming lessons. It is every day for two weeks. I thought it would be a drag to have to be somewhere every day in the morning, when I am usually running other errands, but it has been so fun and has actually defined our summer. It is great!! Isn't it so fun to see your kids having the time of their lives?? Your boys look so cute!!


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