lassie it is!

I am so excited for pony-tails and painted nails.

I feel a little undeserving of a daughter. For years and years I boldly proclaimed that I only wanted male children. But I’ve repented of my foolish ways and I’m thrilled.

She was unashamedly cooperative in showing us what we needed to see to know she was a she. But for the sake of her dignity (and because I don’t have a scanner) I won’t post the immodest picture.

The news of a girl and the news that all her organs seem to be developing normally was enough to distract me from the fact that I completely forgot to put on make-up in my anxious state.

One more girl on the Hall side is going to make for a wild three-some of girl power.

Antonia (11 months)

Dorothea (three weeks)

13 thoughts on “lassie it is!

  1. WAhoooo! I am thrilled for you! Of course if it were a boy I would have said the same but there is added anticipation in my WAhoo for your new little girl.


  2. Yeah! I remember you telling me you really wanted a girl so that is great that you get one! My little Olivia is just the sweetest little thing, so much different than a boy. You will love it!!


  3. You know that this means trouble to your pocketbook now! Right? You will have soooooo much fun with a little girl now. It's definetely a whole new ball game at this point but one that you will be a success at!!! I'm excited for you.


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