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The other day Richard and I were discussing modern day role models. I was trying to make a point but for the life of me I could not think of anyone, alive today, who I admired the way I admire men and women from history who have made great sacrifices for the betterment of society.

I’m talking about someone who with either passion or talent has made this world a better place, and maintained their dignity and integrity in the process. Someone who embodies all the traits we want to posess and especially we want our children to possess.

A hero of sorts. I racked my brain for someone famous whose example I would be anxious for my children to follow but all I could come up with were political figures, athletes and media celebrities who have been spoiled by party agenda, greed or fame.

I hate to be a cynic, so I am on a quest. I am curious who your shining examples are. I’ll even turn this quest into a blog giveaway.

The criteria: It doesn’t even have be someone famous. Just tell me about someone who is selfless and good and has somehow contributed to the well-being of others on a large scale. And they have to be living.

The prize: A copy of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, because he is a hero of my own. And because I am currently reading the book, and although I have to read some paragraphs three or four times, I am thoroughly enjoying it.

So pray tell, who is your role model?

(Although I am tempted to select a winner based on the idol that best suits my taste, I will select randomly.)

13 thoughts on “role models

  1. I look up to anyone who has chosen to make serving those in poverty his life's work, one that comes to mind right off the bat is Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize winner who created a bank specifically for the purpose of doing micro-credit loans in third-world countries. And of course there are many, many church leaders and general authorities who work hard, live selflessly and serve with grace and dignity, principal among them, President Monson.


  2. OK there are many church members that I could think of. I wasnt sure whether you wanted someone famous who was not a member. But right now the someone I think is a hero politically is Glen Beck.Who just happens to be a member… Have you been watching his show this week? I am worried for his safety, but good for him for getting to the bottom of things and trying to get us as a nation to stand up for the morals. I cant believe the media is refusing to cover or investigate this ACORN scandal. I can honestly say he is way braver than I and is using his TV power for the good of the people even if it means he is hated…fired…probably in GREAT danger.. alrighty so you asked.


  3. I'm going to say that Miss Cunningham, Braydon's 3rd and now 4th grade teacher comes to mind. She has never married and she loves each of her students with her whole soul. She is good to always comment on things going on in their life and remember things from months ago. She has a way of making each of her students feel important. They each get things to do in the class and each job is important because that person is doing it. She keeps pictures of students from past years. She makes learning fun and she puts more energy and thought into subjects than I thought could be possible. Both my boys have had her and they got so excited about whatever it was that they were learning about. Jo, You'd be my next role model! I want to grow up and be a mom as patient as you. You are totally absorbed with raising your kids righteously! Thanks for your example!


  4. I try to teach Lucie about women like Queen Elizabeth I or Eleanor Roosevelt. They are always overlooked in history classes or their influence undercut. Even most of the First Ladies are worth looking up to– they work just as hard as their husbands, many of them harder!It's hard to find good female role models when our society seems to champion Disney Princesses and Tinkerbell as good enough…. Good thing Lu prefers Mulan!As for the comment on Glen Beck: he is NOT a hero. He does not strive for truth. He is the worst kind of closed-minded. I don't listen to him and would never let Lucie hear his inflated, pompous “journalism.” Ugh.


  5. Dang it, don't take it personally!!!! (I meant to comment, it's been a busy week!!!) Okay, so it may be a little cheesy but I think my parents are the most amazing people in the world. They both had incredibly difficult childhoods and family trials to rival any I've seen on Jerry Springer – okay not 'any' of the crazies and I've only seen commercials so I guess it's a bad example – but you get the point… They found the gospel and on their own grabbed hold of it and ran. They raised their children in a house full of love for each other and for God that I know they never had as kids. I guess the decisions were easy about raising kids – just do everything the opposite of what they had 🙂 My dad especially is so in tune with the Spirit and has such an ability to help you feel a love for the BOM and Joseph Smith. You can't listen to his testimony of the gospel and not feel it burn in you like a raging forest fire!My mom is the example for everything I want to be as a mother, she made mistakes and she laughed. The house wasn't spotless because it mattered more to her that we got a morning cuddle and an afternoon chat than anything else. She makes the most amazing cookie bars in the world and they were waiting for us at least once a week when we were young 🙂 She never had anything fancy or new but she is the most beautiful woman I've ever met. I can only dream. So those are my idols.


  6. Please don't feel bad about the “lack” of comments, I would only get half the amount if I tried to do a give-away. I wanted to comment but struggled to think of a role model that I felt had touched the world on a large scale. I cannot deny any of the apostles of being the utmost role models with their humility, selfless service; however, I couldn't pick just one. There are also plenty of amazing women in the church.After seeing Adri's comment, my thought was Greg Mortensen. His passion came from hiking and was changed to help others while he saw children having school outside, using sticks in the dirt to do their lessons. After that, he lived in his car to save money to build schools for them. He is one who saw a need and actually fulfilled it. Somehow he always comes back and I still feel a need to do more than buy two calendars to help his fund.


  7. For me it wasn't that I don't have somebody that I admire, but that my reasons may seem silly or not worthy of entering a competition. But for the sake of putting it all out there, my current role models are my sisters and my Mom. If there's anything I've learned in the last year it is that challenges come to every person, but in different ways. Cancer, infertility, etc. etc. etc. I've learned from each of them that we can overcome and learn from each other. Because isn't that what a role model does? Teaches us how to be better through the things they've gone through? And Jo, you fit in to that category too! Thanks for teaching me to be selfless and giving.So there you go, my answer is kind of run of the mill and typical, but I think they're pretty special:)


  8. Jo–Don't feel bad! I did a blog giveaway awhile back and only got one response…and that was my sister!! lolI was going to comment here yesterday, but all I could think of at first was my personal heroes, like my family members and friends. I figured you wanted names of people that we all know.After thinking on it, I decided that two of the people that I really admire right now would be Ryan Stockdale and his wife, Karia. Do you remember them, the family from Middleton that was on Extreme Home Makeover? For them to go through the medical issues that all of their kids have had and to endure and fight to keep them as healthy as possible was admirable. Then we hear that Ryan (the father) had been diagnosed with “cluster headaches”, which are much, much worse than migraines. He has been in CONSTANT, excruciating pain. They were close to losing their new home, in order to pay their medical costs, and had to go to battle with their insurance company. They could easily question their Heavenly Father and wonder why all of this was happening to them, but they go on in faith. I just admire their faith and strength.


  9. Jamie- you dont know me, but Karia is like a sister to me…She is actually my sister's best friend. She is really struggling right now because they had to take the device out and the 100,000 surgery was done but will have to be done again. At least we know it works. Ryan is back in surgery and is really sick again. His is in Renal failure right now. Anyways I stold this comment and sent it to her. It will make her day. I hope thats ok!


  10. Jo- we've been so busy I haven't even looked at blogs for over a week 🙂 My biggest role model right now is President Monson. I've been in YW's for over a year now, so I got to participate in the Youth Temple Celebration for the 2 new temples in the Salt Lake Valley. Everyone had tears streaming down their faces when President Monson stood up during the Armed Forces Musical number, and I just love the reverence when he walks into and out of a room. He's always been such an example of service to everyone- visiting widows, blessing the sick, etc. I hope I can teach my children to grow up and become like that. 🙂


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