craigslist & the dear old couch

In making preparations around the nest for the new baby bird I have come across various items that I decided had fulfilled their purpose for us. Being the sentimental individual that I am I was finding it difficult to part with the items.

Thank goodness money talks.

I concluded that if I could sell these things on craigslist then the dollars earned would ease the pain of losing my valued posessions. Shallow, I know.

Last night we sold a dear old couch. Before coming to look at it, the guy I spoke with on the phone asked if we were capable of delivering it. Knowing that if it didn’t sell at all we would have to take it somewhere I said we could do that. When the young couple showed up they brought with them a little boy. “What a cute little family” I thought to myself.

They were cute, and very kind. Albeit a little dysfunctional. During the proceedings it came out that the girl was still in the process of a divorce. I swear she wasn’t a day over 20. Anyway…

Richard delivered the couch and said that their small duplex was indeed in need of furniture. He said that they were grateful to get a good deal on a decent couch and even more appreciative of our effort to help them move it. It made me feel good. Knowing that our dear old couch with have more happy bottoms seated on it for a few more years was much better than the monetary compensation for my loss.

See, not so shallow afterall.

When all was said and done the young guy said to Richard, “Wow, I guess craigslist really works.”

He must be a first-timer.

3 thoughts on “craigslist & the dear old couch

  1. I never heard of craigslist until I moved to Massachusetts. I've used it numerous times and LOVE it. There's something about a good deal. I selling your stuff that you don't need for money…I don't think that is shallow at all. 🙂


  2. When I saw your blog title I knew it must be that couch. Sad to see it go! It definitely served you for many faithful years. Good thing you have those amazingly comfortable ones in your family room now:)


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