so we embark on the plastic years

What does it say about you when you go to your cupboard to try to find four matching glasses for a nice table setting for dinner, and the best you can do is four matching plastic Red Robin cups.

In my case it probably says either “we eat at Red Robin too much” or “we are too cheap to buy new glasses because we are tired of our toddlers breaking them.”

8 thoughts on “so we embark on the plastic years

  1. haha. Too cute! The doller store has some nice glasses. I usually put all the red robin cups in a drawer for the boys to reach to get their own water. I only recently have matching glasses for adults. this after 11 years of marriage. One year I got goblets for chritmas because my sister in law told my mother in law I didn't own any glasses when she would babysit when i worked. You are too cute Jo!


  2. Okay, first of all. Red robin is one of the best restaurants. Bottomless fries. Need I say more?And second: restaurant grade carlisle plastic tumblers. one of my best investments. they have kid and adult sizes. I bought mine in Idaho falls at a restaurant supply store. They are seriously unbreakable and very sturdy. And they all match.


  3. Yep! We have one glass still in our home (moving truck) supply. My 'glasses' in all sizes are plastic and I have found that a certain super store sells tumblers in different colors 4 for a dollar. I know I am not the only one who stocks up.


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