little rabbits

The other night I gave each of the boys a carrot stick to appease their growling tummies while we waited for Richard to come home for dinner. I was busy in the kitchen and before long I realized the house was quiet. Not just quiet, but silent. There is no alarm that rings louder or creates more panic for the mother of toddlers than a silent house.

I walked around from dark room to empty room with no luck and started to get nervous. Then I heard something, very subtle. The crunching sound of little teeth biting and chewing a carrot. I found them in the coat closet and relief washed over me.

Relief that they were safe, of course. But mostly relief that nothing was broken, colored on, destroyed or ruined.

3 thoughts on “little rabbits

  1. That's so funny. My sisters say the same thing though, that nothing is worse than the sound of silence. Mostly because you know they're safe, but you don't know what they're doing.


  2. Lucky for you it was carrots. That' pretty funny. I caught Mayci with a permanent marker. It was all over the wall and her and her clothes. Of course, it was while I was packing things up and she was just wanting to write on things like I was. You have such fun little boys. Wha a fun memory.


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