internet DOWN

My internet was down for several hours the other day. I couldn’t believe all the things I wanted to do and couldn’t.

– Check to see if my paycheck was depostited
– Check the weather
– Update my status on facebook
– Read everyone else’s status
– Post on my blog
– Check the time of BSU kickoff
– Pay a bill
– Check my email
– Read everyone else’s blogs
– See if I was out-bid on ebay
– Read the daily news
– Find a recipe
– Get an address to send a thank-you card
– Update my Netflix queue

I’m not sure what to make of it all. I clearly rely a great deal on the world wide web and I’m not sure if that is wise…

4 thoughts on “internet DOWN

  1. It's amazing how disconnected you feel when you don't have it. However, when we first moved it there was no internet for a while and it was almost liberating. But I'm glad to have it back:)


  2. I so know how you feel. When we moved in, I was frustrated not having all of that info at my fingertips. I feel for you! I hope you don't have to experience that again soon! Miss you!!


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