the sewing

In order to make a room for the baby — who will be named Miriam Grace unless she is a HE — we moved the boys out of their room and into the “bonus room”. (This move prevented us from having to sacrifice our craft room/office.) So rather than devoting my nesting energies to Miriam’s room, I have been focused on transforming the play room into a bedroom. First step was the beds. So glad that is over! Next step, the bedding.
It wasn’t a complicated project but making two at once turned out to be a bit time consuming. Thankfully my seamstress mother was very helpful.
You’ll see both (they are identical) when I post pictures of the completed room makeover.

6 thoughts on “the sewing

  1. Wow, lots of great projects Jo. I loved the pic frames especially – maybe because it's the one that seemed attainable for me. 🙂 Miriam is such a pretty name – it just fits, too.


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