more nesting

Waiting for your body to begin a process that you have no control over and cannot predict is a true test of patience. It is especially difficult when you allowed yourself to have an expectation of when the life changing event would take place and those days came and went.

My solution is nesting of course. Projects. Luckily Richard was home with me all week last week and we were able to accomplish a lot. I am about 90% satisfied with the boys’s room and even Miriam’s room is well on it’s way to being finished. Here is the photo evidence of exhibit A and a sneak peek of exhibit B.

I decided that constantly nagging the boys to clean up their toys was a less effective way of keeping their room clean. So I keep most of their toys up on that high shelf and we rotate them. It is a much more managable supply for them and when they want a different tote of toys they have to have one to replace it.
Yep, it’s orange. Funny story. After painting the boys room a really bright yellow (three years ago), and our living room a more pale yellow (one year ago), Richard had had enough. He said to me “Just as long as you don’t plan on painting anything orange.” Sorry babe, love ya.
I’m still trying to figure out some wall decor, any cute ideas?

6 thoughts on “more nesting

  1. My friend used orange too with dark brown and white as accent colors – more of a modern feel (she had a girl too). It turned out way cute. She used owls in the decor which I absolutely loved.


  2. I like your style Jo. We rotate toys at our house too, only sometimes I forget about the rotated out toys and it's like Christmas all over when we find them 6 months later. 🙂 I would love to see more of that baby room. Cute! Good job with all the nesting projects!


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