and then there were three

I don’t consider myself to be the type who is easily overwhelmed. Richard might say otherwise but he doesn’t know some of the people I do. But yesterday the reality of three hit me, and I panicked.

Richard was home, but in the shower and I was feeding Miriam. When Eli was a baby and Cameron needed my attention during a feeding I could usually talk him through it until I was physically available. But yesterday as pandemonium broke out between Cameron and Eli in the bathroom while I was nursing I realized this was a new ball game. I tried shouting into the bathroom but that was useless so I just listened helplessly while the battle unfolded. That was when it hit me. But then it got worse.

The bathroom issue resolved itself and the boys came out into the living room. That is where the scissors come into the story. We have a Christmas countdown chain and I told Cameron he could get his pre-school “safety scissors” out of his backpack for Eli to cut a chain. Thereafter a fight over the scissors ensued, right in front of me. Snip and blood.


Eli cut off the tip of Cameron’s thumb and I have no photo because 1. It was gruesome, and 2. It was always too covered in blood to see anything. Cameron hates blood and he became hysterical. Eli felt terrible and he became hysterical. Miriam’s breakfast was interrupted and she became hysterical. I realized I am now the mother of three needy children and I became hysterical.

I’ll cut out the details of the next four hours. Here is a summary. A lot of wrapping and unwrapping of the wound by various nurses and doctors, and each time the red stuff appeared it was a fit of hysterics by Cameron. On top of Cameron’s medical needs were Miriam’s medical needs and after some blood work of her own it was decided she has jaundice and needs to spend 24/7 with a biliblanket.

It was an exhausting day during an already exhausting time for me. But now that it is behind me I can feel gratitude again for my three children, in spite of the new insensity level parenthood has reached for Richard and me.

15 thoughts on “and then there were three

  1. LOL!! Jo, it gets better! Really, it does. After they get older. But then it's more intense fighting with lots more blood. You only get these kind of days once (at a time) so enjoy them. You'll be a great mom of 3 kids! I can't wait to see more episodes posted on here. Hope you're feeling good other than this experience!


  2. Wow, that is quite the ordeal for everyone involved. You can't scare me with overwhelming mom-of-three-kid stories or I won't be able to have any more. 🙂


  3. I will say good luck to you and hope that I can handle 2! My baby is due in 2 1/2 weeks! And Simone was in the biliblanket for 5 or 6 days and it was actually just fine. Yes, she had to be plugged in and looked like a Glow-Bug, but at least we could hold her, she could sleep well still, etc. I'm sure you will be fine. You are a very capable woman!


  4. What a day you've had!!! I can say it does get better, you get used to pandamonium all the time and pretty soon you don't even hear it anymore!! As you know, being a parent has it's good times and bad times and the more kids you have the more of each you will have! I wish you luck and know that you are a great mom who could handle 6 kids if you wanted! Have a better day tomorrow.


  5. I won't dispute how hard it is when you go from two to three kids and are outnumbered. And I do remember those feelings you described and swore I'd remember them and help people with little kids more at church and stuff. But….we forget how hard it really is when we are not living it every day.I know that you are up for it, Jo. It just takes an adjustment period, which is where you are now. You're an awesome mommy!


  6. Just keep telling yourself you can do it!!! Seriously, though, wow. When i think of having one more I get nervous inside. Two seems crazy busy. I can't imagine three. I've always thought of families with one child, families with two kids, and then there is just families with three or more kids. I think the next 4 months will probably be/feel the craziest it can get in family life. Good luck. You'll make it!!!!


  7. I have to agree with Marissa; it does get better with three.We had to do the biliblanket with Rebecca for a week. We started out with bililights where she had to lay there under them in just her diaper. We lived in a basement and it was winter; cold! She cried all the time and so did I until the doc prescribed a biliblanket instead. It saved our sanity and we were all able to get some sleep!


  8. What a horrible experience! With three you just have to take the kids in priority order when there's a crisis… the other two will survive crying for a while. That sounds horrible, but it's the only way to save the sanity. 3 kids are loud and chaotic sometimes, but other times they are so sweet and fun. Try having some “nursing time” toys for your boys to play with– something new to keep them occupied so you can spend 1 on 1 time with your sweet baby girl. Good luck Jo!


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