a lucky brother

This morning the boys were fighting over two cars.  A McDonalds race car and a police car. So I lined up all the cars for the choosing game. Cameron went first and chose the police car. Eli went next and, naturally, chose the McDonalds car. Cameron of course burst into tears about how he “never ever had that car”. We finished the game, all the while Cameron whimpering and whining. When we were done, they each had their chosen cars. After giving Cameron strict orders not to “trade” with Eli for the McDonalds car Eli promptly handed said car over to Cameron. Cameron looked at me, wondering if he was in trouble and I told him what a lucky boy he was to have such a nice brother. At this point they both had huge grins on their faces and I said to Eli  “Doesn’t it feel good to share?” They both started laughing and I got up to leave the room. As I walked out I heard Cameron say “I love you Eli.” And Eli responded “I love you too.” Then more giggles.

It drives me crazy the way Cameron gets what he wants after whining so much, but Eli’s sweetness just melts my heart into mushy goo and I can’t help but let it go.

5 thoughts on “a lucky brother

  1. I had to laugh when I read you told Cameron 'no trading!' It sounds like Cooper and Carson, Cooper is always trying to trade Carson for what he deems is the 'better' object. Too funny!


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