don’t know what you have, ’til it’s gone

My friend is moving 3,000 miles away today. 
I am realizing that I took it for granted, having her so close.  I should have called her more.  I should have filled up my canteen with Tisha-love before this long desert ahead of me.  If we were still in high school or college we would make outrageous promises of how often we would get together.  But the realities of adulthood make me aware that although I am confidant I will see her again, it won’t be as often as my heart desires. 
I am really sad. 
Love you Tisha.

4 thoughts on “don’t know what you have, ’til it’s gone

  1. I love her too and feel the same about calling her or visiting more. I just said goodbye to her as well and felt stupid for crying in front of her. But at least she can tell I will miss her.. I don't know.


  2. Sad! When we moved from Utah I felt like my heart was being ripped in pieces, some of which still reside with the dear and amazing friends we made there. It's tough when you know you'll see them again, but not nearly as often as you'd like. Thank goodness for cell phones.


  3. ohhhhhhhhhhh, jo!!! here i am at my in-laws house and i got on your blog to see what you were up to and BAM! a post just for me!! immediately i start crying and thanking Heavenly Father for such a kind and good friend. this means a lot to me. thanks, friend. is that a small sun orbiting my head? hmmmm. heehee.i will miss going to dinner/lunch with you and just talking, talking, talking. enjoying your you


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