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Several years ago Richard and I decided (and by that I mean I decided and Richard shrugged his shoulders as if to say “Sure. Whatever.”) that we would allow our children to have an organized birthday party (where they could invite friends and I would entertain them) twice, at ages five and eight. 

That sentence was a grammatical nightmare. But I’m too lazy to go back and fix it.  I wouldn’t know how.

Next week Cameron turns five.  He has requested a dinosaur birthday party.  I have one week so today I consulted my best source, the web.  Much… too… overwhelming.  I had no idea the extent to which some people go for birthday parties.  I have neither the time, ambition or the funds to expend such energies.  Internet, you failed me.

So I think we’ll just stick with musical chairs, dropping clothespins in glass jars and maybe pin the tail on the T-Rex.  I might actually buy a dinosaur cake because the idea of trying to make one causes me to hyperventilate.

One more thing.  I decided that I would request that the preschool age guests not bring gifts.  Is that tacky/offensive/totally bizarre?  I just can’t stand the idea of more toys around this place.  And I feel bad asking other children’s parents to spend money on him in these “tough economic times”. I told Cameron that his friends wouldn’t be bringing gifts and, well, if you know anything about Cameron you know what happened. 

Tears. Whining.  Banging of limbs against nearby objects. 

It was all enough to indicate that gifts are the last thing the child needs. But never fear mothers and fathers whose hearts are breaking for the poor child.  He will get gifts.

There is a swingset being secretly stored in a friends backyard with his name (and Eli’s) all over it.

7 thoughts on “birthday parties

  1. hahaha:) that post makes me laugh, i can totally picture a childs response when hearing the word “no presents” cross your lips…you are funny, you described it perfectly:) you are a good mommy and i am sure cameron does not lack in the “toy” department:) he will have a great birthday party, i am sure of it:)


  2. OH MY GOSH! Richard and Brent must come from the same breed. We had that discussion after Reagan's first bday with the family. Brent doesn't want to have bday parties EVER! It is because he doesn't want people to feel obligated to bring presents. Anyway…we decided we would have a bday party but not tell anyone…just casually invite friends over one day.


  3. We do parties every year, but mostly because I was deprived as a child and feel the need to make it up to my kids. Plus, Lucie's birthday is in June, so parties are easy and usually just involve a pinata. Also, saying no presents is absolutely fine! I agree, too many toys around this place, too. Just remind Cameron that you and Richard will have presents for him, and so will his grandparents (I doubt you could stop THEM). He'll have presents to open and plenty of crap. Don't get stressed about the party. Kids have just as much fun with musical chairs and Button Button. They don't notice if you get dinosaur flags, paper plates, napkins, etc. Just get a cute cake and call it good! Don't forget to have fun!


  4. I don't think it is tacky at all to not have friend gifts. Hailee had a party last year, and I requested no gifts. My kids have everything they need. I think it takes some stress of parents as well knowing they don't have to provide a gift, especially since a lot of people are struggling right now. Have fun with your birthday party, and good luck! Maybe you could hide some Easter/dinosaur eggs, or color Easter/dinosaur eggs since it is around Easter time as well.


  5. I think a lot of parents are doing the “no gift” thing right now so don't stress. As far as the cake goes, you could always do cupcakes instead. Frost them dark green and make a dino face on them with candy or just buy some plastic dinosaur cupcakes decorations at Party City.


  6. We had a dinosaur birthday around our house a few years ago. I made a round pinata and painted it like a dino egg, and the kids kicked around like a ball. You could have a dino digging station in some sand or dirt. Sounds like fun. I think the no-gift thing is totally okay. Sometimes gifts are given and it is forgotten about in 1 day. It saves you space and the giver a few dollars.


  7. We only do kid parties every other year and it has worked out great. I too, have gone to the internet for party ideas and can't believe how much money and time people put into their young child's birthday. I always ended up doing things like playdough, and games where I didn't have to buy anything but balloons!Becca went to a birthday party when she was little where the parent requested no gifts unless we wanted to get the birthday child a book.


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