April Fool’s day on FB

A friend of mine who is a Lutheran minister posted on her Facebook status that she was getting baptized into the LDS church on Sunday.  It was, of course, a Fool’s day joke but at 9:00 in the morning she had shocked many of her friends.  I was fooled too, for moment. 

Then when I reazlied what day it was I wanted in on the action.

So I told my FB network that Richard’s job was taking us on an international rotation to New Zealand.  I thought my plan was genius.  All my friends would weep and profess their heartbreak over my news.  My “wall” would be littered with sorrowful good-byes.

I’m pathetic.  I know.

My plan backfired.  People were excited for me.  Can you believe that?

Around 10:30 a couple of my friends caught on and called me out. 

So I deleted their comments, not wanting the game to end. Still holding out for someone to say they would miss me.

By noon my gig was up.  People were realizing what day it was and I was exposed. 

Inevitably I started to feel guilty.  Now I had disappointed all these people who thought I was actually going to do something exciting in my life.

April Fool’s day is not conducive to personalities like mine. 

From now on I will stick to celebrating my oldest child’s birthday on the first of April. 

**Speaking of which, the party was a huge success.  Thanks for all the tips.

7 thoughts on “April Fool’s day on FB

  1. I thought about putting on my blog a countdown to a due date for a baby I'm not pregnant with! I had the same thoughts and feelings as you had and my intentions would have been the same. I just couldn't bring myself to do that though. How funny are we!!


  2. I would be both sad to see you go, because we wouldn't get to see you as often, and excited because then we would try to visit and New Zealand I hear is beautiful. But mate, I knew it was just a joke, so I didn't want to ruin your fun so I didn't say anything. (Don't show this sentence to anyone else in the family, I fear this is a terribly written sentence)I wonder how many people yesterday were moving, pregnant, getting a new job or in a new relationship. The ultimate April Fool's would be all of the above!


  3. if i was on facebook…i would have left a comment about how sad i was going to be and how much i would miss you! i promise, there would be no excitement coming from me..haha:) glad it was a joke! you are so cute!


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