more sports talk

What a game.

I went into last night’s match-up with my hopes in favor of Duke, for two reasons.  The first reason being that I had chosen Duke to win it all when filling out my ESPN Challenge bracket.  My family had a friendly little competition going and if Duke won, I won.  I chose Duke on behalf of my younger brother (a loyal fan) who returns in a few months from his mission in Greece.  The men in my life (husband, father, brother) tell me that an upset always trumps the bracket, but I hadn’t internalized this yet and therefore I was rooting on behalf of DUKE.

The second reason I was cheering for the blue devils was for the sake of a competitive dynamic at our house.  Richard, and therefore the boys, were all rooting for Butler. 

But it didn’t take long for Gordon Hayward to steal my heart with his academic achievements, his spot-on free throws and his twin sister.  That twin sister whose heart, in probably only the way a twin’s can, seemed to be down there on the court with her brother. 

My heart broke when the basketball bounced off the rim, not once but twice for Gordy- as we affectionately called him- in those final seconds.  Game over.  Hopes dashed. 

So I won my family’s bracket challenge, but what gives? Now I understand the rule of the upset.  I’m thrilled  for Duke, and wish Elder Hall could have seen it.  But I am thrilled for Butler too, making it as far as they did, defying all of our expectations. 

What a game. 

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