the kids

We finally had a nice enough day that the boys could spend some quality time with their swing set. They love it. Eli goes down the slide over and over. Cameron pretends he is riding a horse on the see-saw swing.
While he was riding his horse Cameron and I had the following conversation:
Cameron: I am the master soldier from Spirit. His name is Shredder.
Jo: Are you sure that is his name?
 (Seemed to me he was confusing a life-sized rat with an army lieutentant.)
Cameron: Yeah, I saw it on Facebook. Deedee showed me at his house.


Miriam had a weigh-in at the doc yesterday.  At a hefty 10.5 pounds that puts her in the 1.83 percentile.  To put that in perspective my friend Carly and I took a picture of her with Leo, who was born one week after Miriam.  We had a good laugh at their expense.  We are awesome mom’s like that.

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