Black Tie

Richard serves as the treasurer on the board of a local charity. They hold a fundraising gala every other year. Two years ago we attended as behind-the-scenes workers. We set-up, provided general assistance, and then ran the credit cards of high-rollers as they made donations or paid for the packages they won in the silent auction.

I felt like a little girl, admiring all the women in their beautiful gowns. I asked Richard if someday we would be able to attend as guests. He laughed a little and told me “Maybe.”

Well now he is on the board and he informed me a few days ago that we had two seats at a table at the event. We are going to be guests. I felt giddy and excited about dressing up and busting out these.

Then the invitation arrived. “Black Tie Event.” I realized this is way out of my league. I don’t feel old enough to attend something like this, and what is worse is that I know I don’t LOOK old enough.
Now I have a pit in my stomach and I worry that I will spend the entire evening feeling self-conscious and terribly out of place.

Not to mention I don’t drink alcohol, which I believe might be the only thing that could help me feel at ease.

And what am I going to wear?

10 thoughts on “Black Tie

  1. Black is easy and very sexy! Then liven it up with some fun color or glittery stuff! Give Brooke a call and see what fun stuff she has. I'm jealous! That sounds like fun! Anything with your hubby has got to be great!


  2. haha…you can be sexy and mature:) and i would love to help you!! we could go shopping! i have to agree, black dress is classic but accent it with something pretty. Call me, we will talk and shop, i would love to help you get dressed up!!! that would be soooo fun! xoxo


  3. I am doing this too! I have know about our dinner for weeks, and here it is in one week and I haven't even begun to shop for something to wear! I totally feel your stress… I am stressed too. Hope it goes well for you- do post pics!


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