extravagant [and rare] purchases

I think I barely missed the generation of college students for whom a personal laptop is standard.  This was disappointing to me. 

I really wanted one.  I wanted to save a few trees by simply placing the laptop on my counter with the recipe window up, rather than printing it off.  I did try the running back and forth from dinner-prep to computer room but that was terribly inefficient.

I wanted one to take to bed with me on those lonely nights when Richard was out of town.  So I could read blogs until my eyelids grew heavy and then I could just close it up and roll over.  Thank goodness there aren’t any more lonely nights because that sounds like a terrible waste of time. 

I wanted one for movie watching.  I wanted one because there is just a totally tech-y feeling about having a computer on your lap.  And I just love the click-click of the laptop keyboard.  (Is it even called that?)

Although I don’t believe much in life is actually free (this laptop I currently type to you with is no exception), we didn’t really have to pay for it with money.  We paid for it with business flights and lonely hotel stays.  Richard cashed in some company credit card points, and voila!  It was a surprise to me, and Richard deserves props for speaking my love language.

Because surprises are not part of his love language. 

My dad taught me many things.  He taught me the importance of honesty.  He taught me that happiness comes from kindness.  He also taught me that you never make a meaningful purchase without first consulting Consumer Reports. 

I think Consumer Reports is part of Richard’s love language. 

So we did our research, made our purchase and I love sitting on my couch to blog.  Much more comfy than that computer chair. 

I am bragging a little bit here, but I also get to buy a new vacuum.  A new vacuum is the kind of thing a happy little homemaker like myself gets really excited about.   Unfortunately there aren’t any more employee perks to cover the cost of those phenomenal KIRBY vacuum systems.  The term “vacuum” alone doesn’t do justice to an appliance that runs for quadruple digits. 

Nevertheless with the help of CR I hope to find a vacuum to meet my hearts desire. 

Then, with my new laptop and my new vacuum I could not ask for more.

3 thoughts on “extravagant [and rare] purchases

  1. Woohoo! Having a laptop in the kitchen is a must. I love it. And I know what you mean about getting excited about the weird little things. The IT department at work called me a geek because of how excited I was about our new color printer. Yes, the IT department called ME a geek. Oh well, it's the little joys in life, right Jo?


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