the big event

I can’t help but laugh at myself as I write those words.  It was marvelous, but not nearly as intimidating as my wild imaginations had supposed it to be.  In fact, I had planned on describing its splendor in great detail, but instead have only a few things to say. 

Yesterday as Richard recounted to me some of the guests he had seen on the guest list I remarked that I was surely the only guest who purchased her jewelry at Claire’s.  We had a good laugh, but laughed even harder when I went to put on one of my earings and it broke. 

I am disappointed to say that I find myself tempted to boast about the guests who attended, but since I find name-dropping to be terribly irksome I will avoid doing so.  In truth, the presence of well-known or especially wealthy individuals did not particularly contribute to my enjoyment of the evening.

Richard and I sat at a table with some managers and partners from his office and they were perfectly approachable, and amiable.  It is shameful that I didn’t assume they would be,  nevertheless I didn’t find myself the least bit uncomfortable or out of place in their company as I had expected I would. 

There was some discussion about which car we would take, the mini-van which I thought would give the valet great amusement with it’s crushed goldfish crackers and innumerable car seats. Or we could take Richard’s truck, which does have leather interior, but the rear window is broken and a kitchen towell is hanging in its place.  I suggested we borrow a car from our parents but Richard wouldn’t hear of it, and my vain concern was unfounded since we parked in the volunteer parking lot.

I found myself greatly missing my sister Lori yesterday afternoon.  She has always been available to assist me with my hair and make-up for such special occasions in my life.  But having moved away I was left to my own cosmetic merits, which are greatly lacking.

We were the last to leave last night, along with a couple of the board members on the organization’s committee.  Along with other spouses,  I sat and rested my feet while they took care of some final responsibilities. I finally took the opportunity to appreciate the night for what it really was.  It was a fundraiser for two organizations, one of which was especially close to my heart.  Some generous dentists started a program for underserved children, and the funds raised from the evening would go to a van that functioned as a portable dental office. 

So despite the abundance of cleavage present at the gala, there was with it a an abundance of generosity.  And if Richard will allow me, when the final amount is calculated I look forward to sharing it.

2 thoughts on “the big event

  1. And, as I've been encouraged by many a leader to do, you look both fashionable and wholesome (and your dress is praiseworthy for not contributing at all to that aforementioned abundance).


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