a little about Person 3

Last week Cameron graduated from preschool.  I used to think preschool graduations were ridiculous.  What is to be congratulated about completing such a program?  But then as I watched him sing songs during the ceremony about apple seeds and setting goals I got a little weepy.  It is sort of a right of passage.  He’s growin’ up!

He won the award in his class for the best writing.  What that doesn’t tell you is that he is also the slowest writer, and after the other kids have completed their worksheets he remained at the table laboring over his alphabet.  Bless his little perfectionist heart.

Speaking of his little heart, he has his first crush.  A cute little girl with freckles and who is the only girl in his preschool who isn’t taller than he.  I was not prepared for this.  He talks about her with that dreamy look in his eye. He recently told Richard “Dad, today at school Macey was wearing a red shirt with sparkles.  And it was tight.”  I’m hoping that this was a reflection of his own obsession with tight clothing (namely his insistance that his pajamas be tight) and not a physical attraction from a chemical reaction in his little five-year-old body. 

Lastly, he has developed a searing conscience.  Whenever he is caught being naughty he bursts into tears and wails “I am such a bad boy!.”  I am hoping this isn’t the result of a complex he developed from too severe discipline and rather a tactic to avoid discipline altogether by demonstrating excessive guilt.  Either way, yesterday I couldn’t resist laughing.  Each day while Eli takes a nap Cameron has a “rest” on his bed.  He has a little clock on his headboard and I tell him where the long hand has to be for him to get up.  Yesterday after the period of time passed impossibly too quickly he brought the clock to me.  Sure enough, the long hand was at the “3”.  I was confused for a moment and then it occurred to me that he had discovered how to move the hands of the clock to set the time.  I asked him about this and the dramatic confession ensued, tears and all.

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