the work place

I am a 4/5 stay-at-home mom.  That means, four out of the five days of the work-week I stay at home.  On Mondays I go to work. 

I love staying at home.  It suits my lazy tendencies and my inability to be showered and dressed before 9:00am.   That is not to say that motherhood is for the lazy, but motherhood and full-time employment must require great stamina.   I am blessed and grateful to not be employed full-time. 

What I am getting at though, is that although I love the joys of rearing my children, sometimes a good day of work does me good.  Today was a good day of work.  The great satisfactions that come from my job most often come from the relationships I have with my patients and co-workers.   Today though, I left work feeling fulfilled because of three conversations I had. 

1.  I’ve noticed a little bird flying around my backyard that I had never seen before.  He had a bright yellow chest and he was beautiful.  (I say “he” because aren’t the males usually the beautiful ones?)  Today at work I learned the name of that little bird, the Western Tanager.  Apparently these birds are from Colorado and although they are not local to the Boise area, this spring they have been spotted everywhere.  I suppose I could have learned this on Google, but learning something from another human being is much more enriching.

2.  Suzy is the lady who cleans our office.  She is an expert gardener and gives me all kinds of advice and much needed encouragement.  Today I felt a huge relief to learn that she has a clover problem in her garden too.  And so does Loretta, another co-worker/ fellow gardener.  Often even small obstacles in life are best endured when they are shared. 

3.  Dr. E told me about a place in Emmett that sells un-pasteurized milk.  I’d been wondering if there was a place locally that sold raw milk for cheese making.  I’ll let you know if I get around to cheese making.  After Dr. E told me about how delicious this milk is, my patient told me that he can taste “energy” in products that come from “happy” animals.  (Free-range animals, ya know the ones I’m so passionate about.) Albeit a little extreme, I thought that was a pretty interesting idea.

I’m curious, do you work? Do you enjoy it? What do you enjoy about it?

4 thoughts on “the work place

  1. I enjoy work when I am able to stay busy. I also enjoy work because of the people I work with, they enjoy me as a person and are grateful for what I do. I don't like work when I don't have a lot to do (which can be quite often). For example, right now I am trying to figure out what to do next (it is just before 10:00!).


  2. I don't think that energy thing is far off the mark, but I think it's probably more that WE feel “happy” when we are responsible consumers/friends of the environment, and doesn't energy always come from a clear conscience? I know for certain that feeling bad about the choices I've made makes me feel markedly energy-less. Which is NOT the same as being contentedly lazy on one's day off work 🙂


  3. I love my job. I find my work very fulfilling. I get to save lives. My children know this and they admire me for it. They know that mom and dad are a team in all aspects. Working a couple days a week also makes me that much more greatful for the days I spend with my family. I have the best of both worlds.


  4. I work 2 days a month Jo and I love it– it's a great break away from the kids and into adult interaction. It makes me feel like I am still able to use my brain and DH skills once in awhile without being burnt out, and most of all I love all of the conversations.p.s. you can make mozzarella out of whole pasteurized milk– haven't tried it yet, but I have everything to do it. One of these days….. 🙂 If we lived closer we could have a cheese making experiment party, but instead we'll have to share our successes and failures over the blogging network.


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