Yes Cameron, they WILL get you.

Cameron is moderately obsessed with dinosaurs.  He walks around the house slightly hunched over, like an Allosaurus with his hands in a three-finger position and “roaring” until his voice gets hoarse.  (Which Miriam, incidentally, thinks is hilarious.  Someone opening their mouth and growling as loud as possible right in my face is not amusing, but with babies one can never guess what will delight them.) 

We found a BBC series called “Walking with Dinosaurs” on Netflix that Cameron has been thoroughly enjoying.  It is pretty informative as well.  I have ceased to be surprised to hear him use words like “species” and “hypothesis”.  But once in awhile he gets a little mixed up. 

The dinosaur shows and movies he loves to watch talk about predators quite a bit.  But somehow he is missing something because all morning he has been chasing Eli around the house calling himself a “creditor“. 

“Eli, you have to run and hide or the creditors will get you. Roar!”

Well Cam, some people might argue that the two are one in the same. 

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